about marinho

Marinho Nobre is a composer, recording artist and music producer skilled both in electronic/synth generated as well as live and orchestral music on a variety of genres such as classical, world and pop. Catering to a growing list of film directors, third party recording artists among other media clients, he is also conquering steady ground with his solo World and Classical music work.

Film and TV  - Marinho's feature film score works include Lions Gate comedy horror "Gnome Alone" (featuring Verne Troy from Austin Powers, Harry Potter ) the music for sci-fi thriller "The Human Race" (by writer and director Paul Hough), film noir feature drama "Al Qarem" (by directors Affandy Farooq and Ajmal Yourish), latino ghost tale "Sacred Game" (by writer and director Bernardo Chillindron) and  canadian slasher "Left for Dead" (from Mindscape Films).  In 2007 Marinho wrote music for two episodes on PBS Television's mini-series "Curious" and had his music as the main theme for Univision TV's weekly show "Ventaneando America" for four entire seasons. In 2009 Marinho's music was also featured on two episodes for National Geographic TV series "FBI Undercover".  Marinho is the winner of four "Medal for Excellence Awards" under the best film score category at Utah's Park City Film Music Festival.

Solo Works - Marinho has just released a world music solo cd entitled "World Citizen"  a collection of instrumental tracks inspired by his travels, readings, people and musical influences throughout the years. He has previously composed a number of classical pieces, including string quartets, suites and concertos some of which were performed by ensembles all around the New York area.

As a Producer - Marinho Nobre's music production scope ranges from hard rock, pop, heavy metal, ethnic, world, classical and soundtrack music. Such broad spectrum led Marinho to many production roles on different levels. In 2000 as the producer for his own electronic industrial rock project "Kx",  in 2001 as the sound design collaborator on the album "Nation" from brazilian heavy metal band Sepultura, in 2007 producing tracks for MTV Top Ten r&b recording artist Michael Ashanti, in 2009 as the co-producer and duduk player for the ethnic release "The Beautiful Sounds of Armenia" by recording artist Chris Marashlian and most recently in 2012/13 as the sole producer of his album "World Citizen" as well as his score for the sci-fi thriller "The Human Race".

Born in Sao Paulo, Brazil as the only musician in the family, Marinho grew up influenced by classical music and as time went by into world, electronic, rock and heavy metal. At age 12 he picked up his first guitar and started studying Jazz guitar at the traditional brazilian based Zimbo Trio Music School and was soon playing concerts with several local bands. At 17 Marinho started music college at Sao Paulo's Alcantara Machado Arts University (FAAM), where he studied classical guitar and composition. Before completing his 20th birthday, Marinho relocated to New York in order to pursue new musical ventures.  In the mid-nineties working as a music producer,  Marinho began creating tracks for cable TV commercials and promo spots for local NY cable stations, which in turn triggered his already existing early age passion for film music. And although mostly self taught, he joined the evening classes at The Juilliard School in order to further refine his skills,  studying composition and orchestral conducting.  As new assignments kept coming in, Marinho continued on his quest for exploring new musical expressions, composing and producing for new projects and ultimately nurturing what would become to this day a lasting collaboration with a growing number of filmmakers and recording artists. 

Marinho spends his time between New York, Los Angeles and Brazil, working on  new film scores, music production and his world and classical music solo works.